Clip Tester

  This is a low cost system on Begapt’s mPC Platform for detection of missing clips in wiring harness assembly. In the assembly of wiring harness, clips are needed to be tightened at designated places. At few instances clips are not placed due to manual error. Detection of missing clips if any is required.




  • Enables to test the clips easily, displaying the errors detected in the wiring harness through glow of LED on the designated fixture. It detects the following errors:
    • Missing Clip
    • Excess Clip
  • When the test is correct Potential Free contact shall be generated. It is also possible to print a label at the end of OK Test.
  • The system can be run in both modes:
    • Step Mode: Detection of Clips in fixture is done one at a Time in any order.
    • Total Mode: Detection of Clips is done Only when All clips are inserted at One time.

Printer-interface-unitDownloads prdoduct detail



  • Detects missing & Extra Clips.
  • Can work in Both Modes- Step & Total.
  • Easy to Program through Remote LAN.
  • LCD Display for Model selection.
  • Model selection through Barcode.
  • Easy interfacing with Label Printer-No Extra PC required.
  • Fast and Easy to Operate.
  • Expandable upto 1280 Pts.

mPC Advantage:

  • Standalone System.
  • Remote Programming Feature.
  • Away Programming.
  • GUI for System Program.
  • One Platform-Many Products.
  • Ease of Interface.
  • Modular Platform


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