Harness Point Guidance





  Guided Harness Assembly system on Begapt’s mPC platform acts as an Aid for Wiring Harness Assembly. It guides the operator to pick up wires/connectors from designated positions and place it at designated poles through blinking of LEDs. It also has a feedback mechanism to ensure wires are correctly placed and hence ensures total quality besides saves time and effort. Finally a guided harness assembly system that is easy to set up and use!.

Compact & Expandable:

  The base unit provides 120 Test Points in enclosures measuring 12” X 8” X 8” expandable upto 1280 Points. Its structure allows test points to be distributed around the device under test reducing the length and complexity of wiring.

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Fast, Easy and Standalone:

  The CPG user interface simplifies test program development by providing a step-by-step process with prompts. Connector detail is created once and stored in a library for use in multiple test programs. Completely Standalone system with Option of remote programming. Powerful solution which can manage printers and scanners.

mPC Advantage:

  • Standalone System.
  • Remote Programming Feature.
  • Away Programming.
  • GUI for System Program.
  • One Platform-Many Products.
  • Ease of Interface.
  • Modular Platform





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