Fuse Box Inspection System 

Fuse Box Inspection

  Fuse box consist of fuses of different color and rating which are to be placed at designated places.However sometimes the color coded fuses are not placed in their designated places during the assembly on the fuse box. This is a defect in the finished product which needs to be identified and corrected.The supplied system comprises of Industrial Cameras;Pneumatic Arrangement; digital control cards etc. The software has OCR technology for character recognition as well.

System Features

  • Single or Multiple camera system.
  • Pneumatic or electromagnetic locking.
  • Compnent Sensing.
  • Uniform and effective illumination LED light.
  • Easy integration with barcode scanner.
  • Label Printing after test.
  • Aluminum extruded based design.
  • Easy to program.
  • Extensive reporting module.
  • Remote monitoring.



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