FuseboxCVS-TL ( Compact Vision System Top Loading)

 In this type of Fuse Box Inspection System, Fuse Box is loaded from the top. All components like camera, Lighting, Input/output card and controller are inside the box. This type of system is used along with circuit testing or clip testing station. After passing of the circuit test or clip test; Fuse Box visual test is done.CVS-TL is light weight and expandable up to 8 cameras.

System Features

  • Single or Multiple camera system.
  • Pneumatic or electromagnetic locking.
  • Compnent Sensing.
  • Uniform and effective illumination LED light.
  • Easy integration with barcode reader.
  • Label printing after test.
  • Aluminium extruded based design.
  • Easy to program.
  • Extensive reporting module.
  • Remote Monitoring.

Recognition Technique

  • Color
  • Color and Pattern.
  • Pattern.
  • OCR
  • Monochrome Matching.
  • Threshold Technique.

Saturn V carrying Apollo 11

Test Component Types 

  • All type of Fuse and relay.
  • Metal fuses and sheet metal fuses.
  • Diodes
  • Fuse Holder
  • Relays
  • Bolt ,Screw and Nuts
  • Bus Bar
  • Wire Color




Technical Specification

Power supply: 220VAC or 115VAC

No Of camera: Up to 10 camera

Camera resolution: Depend up on size of the fusebox

Camera Interface: USB/Firewire/GigE

Input/Output: 6DI/8DO

Air pressure:6 bar.

Lighting: LED diffused with strobe controller

Fuse Box InspectionDownloads prdoduct detail


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