Machine-VisionMachine Vision

   For decades the human eye has been used to monitor assembly-line output. Humans are flexible, robust, and easy to train inspection "systems",but are not fast, accurate or reliable. Machine Vision Technology was introduced to overcome the limitations of human vision. A Machine Vision system replaces human vision when visual inspections and measurements are fast, repetitive, precise, and detailed. The Machine doesn't tire or miss inspecting a part, even when the parts are moving too fast for us to see. A Machine Vision system consists of a way to detect when a part is present to be inspected, lighting and optics to form an image of the part, a camera to translate the light image into an electronic image, and a vision computer and software to inspect and measure the parts.

   Machine Vision has become a key component for quality assurance and product handling in packaging,automotive, pharmaceutical, electronics, semiconductors, medical devices, sporting goods, and many other industries



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