Optical disc cpounting system

The BS-Count CDR/BDR is the leading product for the  counting of CD ,DVD and Blue Ray Disc  at the end of the line  for the Optical disc manufacturer. The system provides ease-of-use, Fast response ,Accurate counting and detect mixing of the products . Begapt’s Multi level threshold  technology provides reading of the stack with more than 100 disc.

Configured with a 5 MP  CMOS camera, Megapixel lens , special design lighting , Controller and our high performance software gives reliable fast and accurate counting of the disc.

Counting System

System Features

  • Accurate
  • Fast response
  • Detects mixing of products
  • 5 MP camera
  • Megapixel Lens
  • Special Design light
  • Count CD, DVD and Blue Ray
  • Count more than 100 Disc in  stack
  • Audio count output

Counting SystemDownloads prdoduct detail


Product Video


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