PC based synchronoscope 

  The operation of connecting an alternator in parallel with another alternator or with common bus-bars is known as synchronizing. Generally, alternators are used in a power system where they are parallel with many other alternators. It means that the alternator is connected to a live system of constant and constant frequency. Often the electrical system to which the alternator is connected, has already so many alternators and loads connected to it that no matter what power is delivered by the incoming alternator, the voltage and frequency of the system remains the same. In that case, the alternator is said to be connected to infinite bus-bars. Traditional system uses Full Bright Lamp method or Full Dark Lamp method for the synchronization of alternator. This system is automatic synchronization of the alternator using PC based software and communicating hardware.




System Features

  • Reading of Terminal voltage of all phases (R,Y,B) of grid and alternator into Software.
  • Display of Terminal voltage of all phases (R,Y,B) of grid and alternator on to 3 ½ digit panel meter.
  • Reading of frequency of grid and alternator.
  • Display of frequency of grid and alternator on to 31/2 digit panel meter.
  • LED based indication of the R,Y ,B phase power.
  • Accurate reading of the phase differences.
  • Graphical display of the R-Y-B waves of alternator and Grid.
  • Manual and auto mode for the sync of alternator to grid.
  • Electrical control system to start DC motor coupled with alternator.
  • Separate load bank for connection after synchronization of alternator.  


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