Low Resistance Measurement 

Higher value resistance (greater than 1 kΩ) measurement is quite easy and straight forward. For measurement of small value resistance (mΩ and uΩ) the interconnecting cables add significant resistance which can greatly affect measurement. When taking resistance readings on switch, crimp or relay contacts, the common multimeter often produces high, almost meaningless resistance readings due to very low test currents. Begapt provides solution for low value resistance measurement. Solution includes single part measurement or multipart part measurement by multiplexed circuit. This system uses 4-wire measurement technique where in custom made current source is used to feed the known current into parts to which resistance is measured and voltage across the part is measured through high resolution analog input channel of DAQ card. .




System Features

  • Reading of mΩ and uΩ resistance.
  • Programmable constant current source.
  • High resolution analog input daq card(up to 24 bit).
  • High speed resistance measurement.
  • Multi parts resistance measurement(Through multiplexed circuit).
  • Low resistance contact or jig.
  • Software based calibration.
  • Extensive reporting tools.

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