Label Printing Unit-LPU

  Typically when a company implements a barcode printing solution, it consists of a computer (either stand-alone or on a network), software, and the printer itself (table-top or mobile). LPU Unit from Begapt, enables Serial Port Enabled Printer to run independent print operations without the need for a computer. Reduce IT hardware costs, lower total cost of printing and create flexible work processes that improve productivity and reduce the opportunity for errors.




The abilities of the LPU Includes:

  • Operate independently of a Computer.
  • Reads Values (X1-X2), Angle between Line L1 and L3, Angle Between line L2 and L4.
  • Connect to USB Barcode Scanners.
  • It has built in RTC for time display.
  • Easy to add new parameter for reading.
  • Small Rugged and light weight (Dim-150*150*150mm).
  • Print command through PASS & FAIL signal (Relay Input).


  • Easy Installation.
  • Design your own label as per demand.
  • Low Cost-Saves on Cost.
  • Any printer with Serial port can be connected.
  • LCD segment display.

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