H4 lamp mount tilt Inspection

  This system inspect position of the mount with respect to the glass, Mount angel with respect to the glass and main filament angle with respect to the glass. System uses high resolution camera with back light and filters to grab the high quality image of the lamp.

This System reads reads different dimension of the h4 lamps during assmbly of the h4 lamps


h4 mount tilt


System Features

  • Multiple camera support.
  • Reads Values (X1-X2), Angle between Line L1 and L3, Angle Between line L2 and L4.
  • Accuracy of reading is 20 micron.
  • Dimension and Angle pass fail limit setting.
  • Easy to add new parameter for reading.
  • High speed inspection.
  • Easy to integrate with indexing machine.
  • Faulty part rejection signal.
  • Extensive reporting module.
  • Remote monitoring.

System Working

h4 geometryr


  When H4 lamp comes in front of camera, Component sensor senses the h4 lamp presence and triggers the camera along with light. Now Grabbed image from the camera is sent to the PC running with Begapt measurement software to measure different dimension of the H4 lamp. Measured parameters are compared to the predefined limits saved for the lamp if dimensions are within the limit Ok signal is generated else NG signal for rejection. Measured dimensions of the lamps are saved into the data base for further analysis of the production. .

H4_GeometryDownloads prdoduct detail


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