Diffused Reflectance Measurement 

  Diffused reflectance measurement set-up is suitable for measuring diffused reflectance from a textured and or anti reflection coated (ARC) Si wafers of full size 6”x 6” or 5” x 5”. especially designed detectors are used to detect the reflected light from the Si wafer surface. This set-up is designed for quick measurement of diffused reflectance from the full size wafer to quantify the quality of texturing or ARC films on Si wafers. In this design, almost full area of the Si wafer is illuminated by a collimated beam of light using a halogen lamp source.

The set-up is very rugged and can be used on a shop floor with ease.




System Features

  • Especially designed to measure and compare the diffused reflectance non-destructively of a full 5”x 5” or 6”x 6” textured or ARC coated Si wafer.
  • Very low measurement time.
  • Highly sensitive (resolution 0.01 %) especially in the low range (2-20%) of diffused reflectance which is required to test the quality of texturing and ARC coatings.
  • Can be used to detect non-uniformity of texturing also .
  • Very easy to use and does not require trained personnel or a clean room.
  • Very easy to calibrate w.r.t. standard samples.
  • The operation is computer controlled and all the data can be saved and retrieved as and when required for comparing the results with the final cell output.
  • Out-put of the set-up can be used to optimize the texturing process to enhance yield of solar cells.
  • Early detection of bad texturing with this set-up can reduce wastage of expensive Si wafers and associated process cost.


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