BS-Daq box deliver very high performance measurement of electrical data. It can be used for recording of field data and processing of field data through special software supplied.Daq box contains high resolution analog input, high resolution analog output, high speed digital input/output and counter time with dedicated signal conditioning for LVDT, load cell, RTD and thermocouple.




System Features

  • Box consist of 8 Analog inpu,2 analog Output, 8 DO/DIa and 2 counter.
  • Signal conditioning for Load cell, RTD, Thermocouple and LVDT.
  • Real time hardware LVDT,Load Cell,Thermocuple RTD.
  • LabVIEW based software for acquisition of data.
  • Software to analyze acquired data.
  • Driver for MATLAB.
  • Data acquisition or control for other hardware (Pressure,Force,Distance,Current etc).
  • Extensive reporting tools.

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